Currently, AutoReview.AI has the following offerings –

1.  Land and Zoning Review Product Suite
2. Building Review Product Suite

The ‘Land and Building Review’ Products Suite benefits the entire ecosystem of the Development and Construction sector that is involved in the permitting process. This includes:

• Architects
• Civil Engineers
• MEP Engineers
• Planners
• Surveyors
• Builders/Developers
• Municipalities/Cities/Counties

The ‘Building Review’ Product Suite also helps the same set of users along with the code conformance reviewers in the ecosystem.

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is crucial in the review and permitting process due to its ability to reduce delays, errors, and expenses commonly associated with human error. AutoReview.AI automates code checks using AI, processing data more accurately and swiftly to ensure compliance and minimize time spent on corrections.

AutoReview.AI offers two products:

1.  The 'Land and Zoning Review' suite automates project reviews for compliance with local county or city codes.
2. The ‘Building Review’ suite, currently in Beta, for automated building code reviews.

You can set up a demo with us or email us at for more information.

The ‘Land and Zoning Review’ product suite is available for use anywhere in the U.S. The ‘Building Review’ product suite currently serves the states of Florida, Texas, and Georgia. It will be available for all the states in the U.S. by the end of 2024.

Our core algorithms are continuously evolving and iterate based on various datasets. The ‘Land and Zoning’ product suite currently ingests the city, county, and municipality level regulations as published time to time by the various authorities. The ‘Building’ product suite currently runs over the International Building Code of 2024 and some of the state codes.

Our core algorithms are continuously updated in near real-time using our advanced tech solutions.

Be it commercial or residential, AutoReview.AI's technology can review plans for all relevant types of proposed use. Our technology can even review horizontal plans.

For the ‘Land and Zoning’ review product suite users have the facility to upload either an AutoCAD file or a PDF file.

AutoCAD files once submitted, have a total processing time of 24 hours, while PDF files require 48 hours due to their distinct processing requirements. The output from our algorithms is also reviewed and certified by our experts to ensure quality.

PDFs take longer time because  they need to be converted into a different format (AutoCAD) for processing by the AutoReview.AI’s ‘Land and Zoning Review’ product algorithms.

AutoReview.AI’s ‘Land and Zoning Review’ product suite detects the non-conformance from the regulation code and publishes the findings as ‘flag notes’ in a report to the user. Users can resubmit their site plans as many times as they wish until there are no remaining flag notes detected on the site plan.

The users should share their project details along with specific queries and their contact details via email to our support mail Users should expect a response from our end within 3-5 business days.

We offer tailored pricing options to suit your needs, including:

1.  Monthly subscriptions
2. One-time use option
3. Pay-per-use model

Contact us at for more information and our service experts will assist you accordingly.